Possible Silver Lining for Justice Reform in 2017?

Trump Lemonade is about looking for ways to make Lemonade from Trump’s Election. There are certainly lots of Lemons with respect to the prospect of criminal justice reform.  Progress was being made under the Obama administration.  There was rare progress toward bipartisan support for reducing mandatory minimum sentences and other forward looking reforms.

But many of us look at the realistic prospect of severe setbacks and dismantling of initiatives created by the Obama administration.  I highly recommend a New York Times Op-Ed by Bill Keller in which he outlines four reasons why he believes the prospects of federal reform will actually be better in 2017.  Keller acknowledges that bipartisanship will be needed to make this work and that Democrats who support bipartisan  efforts are likely to pay a political price.  But we need to keep in mind the larger goal of reforming the criminal justice system.  And each successful bipartisan initiative builds a climate for further joint action.


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