Which Battles Should We Fight?

Making lemonade from bad lemons is about finding ways to deal with an upsetting situation by attempting to create a cooperative process of conflict resolution. That said, it does not imply that we won’t have battles. But we can compete in a cooperative manner. And one aspect of doing this is to consider all the issues on which we disagree with the President Elect and pick the ones we want to fight about. One consideration in making these choices is to search for an issue where we can find an area of common ground. We can treat this issue as one about which we share a similar goal. We will regard this goal as a superordinate goal – a goal that we both can share despite the fact that we disagree on many other issues. An example of such an issue might be working together to implement legislation to begin a massive infrastructure initiative. If agreement can be obtained to pass legislation for an infrastructure initiative, it would be a good start for building a history of working together for mutual gain. Once a beginning has been made to building a history of successful cooperation, it can make the next attempt to work together more feasible.

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