Democratic Election Loss “Autopsy” Needed

After losing the 2012 Presidential Election, Republicans conducted an Autopsy. The Democrats went into the 2016 election fully expecting to win and win big.  That’s not what happened.  Now it’s time for the Democrats  to conduct an autopsy of their own.

There are many avenues to explore.  I would like to suggest one that I believe is critical.  A large group of voters that Democrats expected to vote for them simply didn’t!  Voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were notable members of this group.  Some Democratic spokespeople attribute Clinton’s loss in these states to Comey’s October letter Surprise.  Some attribute it, in part to the Wikileaks of her emails. These may well have made the difference but it would be a mistake to take comfort in those excuses and look no further.

I suggest that we all try to understand the mind of the voters that surprised them by voting for Trump.  The work of sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild and her research on the “Deep Stories” that energized these voters is a great place to start.

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