What Trump Tweeted About CNN “Losers”

Here is a sample Trump tweet in which he called CNN a loser.

Sep 17, 2016 9:13:43 AM .@CNN just doesn’t get it, and that’s why their ratings are so low – and getting worse. Boring anti-Trump panelists, mostly losers in life! [Twitter for Android] ↗

So Trump considers CNN to be a denizen of his Hall of Losers.  Why is CNN a loser?  Because they are boring,  How do we know they are boring? Because Trump said so.  How did Trump know they were boring? Because CNN’s ratings are so low.  How does Trump know that CNN’s ratings are so low?  Because that’s Trump’s opinion.  Does Trump have facts to back up his opinion? Trump doesn’t believe there are really facts.

Let’s assume that one reason that Trump tweets this type of tweet is that he wants attention and support.  He expects to get his supporters to tweet in support of what he tweeted.  So here Trump said that CNN ratings are getting low.  What do his supporters say?

This person explains why Trump was angry at CNN and felt compelled to call them losers:

@lady4donald @KazmierskiR @veganvecoh @realDonaldTrump @CNN man they were bashing him hard last night. Everyone calling him racist. Horrible

@realDonaldTrump @HorseShort @CNN CNN not working on my Network who’s watching ?  So this supporter says that he doesn’t even get CNN and assumes that not many other people do.  This makes Trump feel vindicated.  “You see, this guy agrees with me.”

Here’s another response supporting (and aping) Trump’s opinion which generates a twitter battle:

(Tweeter 1) @jlucbouchard  @realDonaldTrump Nobody’s watching which is why they have sunk to third place behind MSNBC. Sad!

And of course Trump’s tweet and the tweets of his supporters evoke counter-tweets from those who oppose Trump and then counter-counter-tweets from Trump supporters etc. etc. etc.. Like these:

(Tweeter 2)  @Poppy_Fields1 @realDonaldTrump he seems to watch them enough to comment on them every two weeks like a jealous ex-lover across the ballroom

So of course Tweeter 1 (a Trump supporter) tweets his argument with Tweeter 2:

(Tweeter 1) @jlucbouchard @Poppy_Fields1 @realDonaldTrump He’s running for potus. He wants to know how leftists mismanage his image and lie about him.

So all this has accomplished is to make Trump’s tweeting into entertainment.  The supporters and the opponents face-off against one another the same way they did in response to what was happening each week on Celebrity Apprentice.  Rather than concentrating on important issues, Trump turned the election cycle into a game!


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