All About Trump Lemonade


Hope can we make lemonade from the lemons of Trump's election?
Try to make lemonade from the lemons Trump’s election dealt us.


I created this site in response to the 2016 election of Donald Trump who is to become the 45th President of the United States.  I did not vote for Donald Trump.  I abhorred many of the stances he took.  I was angry and upset about the manner in which he pitted group against group.  His statements about and apparent record of demeaning and violating women disgusted me.   In response to these powerful feelings my initial impulse was to write and share highly critical (sometimes nasty or snarky or biting) criticisms whenever I read something that Trump did.  But I worked hard to keep these feelings in check (and it sometimes took herculean efforts to do so) because I realized that giving in to these initial impulses would be non-productive.

Many of my colleagues and friends as well as a large portion of the American population also shared the same initial response that I had.  They considered actions they could take and tactics they could use to show their opposition to Trump. I believed that their feelings and intentions made sense and were justified.  At the same time I was concerned that some of their plans might be counterproductive.

As a graduate student in social psychology (more than 50 years ago), I studied with Professor Morton Deutsch. His area of expertise was conflict resolution.  I learned a great deal in those graduate school years about the nature of social conflict.  In this blog I want to share some of the ideas Mort (as Professor Deutsch encouraged his students to call him) taught his students about the nature of social conflict (what factors are important to understand), what actions and events are likely to escalate a conflict and which ones can potentially reduce the conflict.

I call my site Trump Lemonade because I believe that we need to make lemonade from the lemons the election of Trump has dealt us. I want to share with you the tools that can help you make this needed lemonade. I have collected resources to help you understand the nature of social conflict and ways to work collaboratively so that we can find areas in which both we and Trump can attain goals that we want.